RockMyRun is the first app from
the team at Rock My World,
a San Diego technology company.

We’re perfecting the art of adaptive
media by combining music with
biometric data from smartphones
and wearable devices.

The Power of Adaptive Media

We believe that your content should react to you. It should make you happy,
calm your nerves or pump you up just at the right moment. It started with fitness,
and it’s growing to be so much more!

Who We Are

We’re an eclectic team of software, exercise and music experts out to change
the world - one step, heartbeat and brain wave at a time.

Adam Adam
Adam Riggs-Zeigen
Co-Founder and Chief Rocker
Eric Eric
Eric Weiss
VP of Engineering
Derek Derek
Derek Quackenbush
Marc Marc
Marc Thrasher
VP of Awesome Content
Colby Colby
Colby Walsworth
Co-Founder and Dev Rocker
AlexF AlexF
Alex Frangeti
Lead iOS Dev Rocker
Adan Adan
Adan Moreno
Lead Android Dev Rocker
Alden Alden
Alden Webber
Creative Rocker
Alexw Alexw
Alex White
Dev Rocker
Ray Ray
Ray Chan
Rockin' Analytics
Meghan Meghan
Meghan Brohoski
Community Rocker
BeatFreak BeatFreak
Beat Freak
Rockin' Beats
Our Partners

From promotional partnerships and custom content to an embedded music solution,
RockMyRun is always interested in expanding our partnership reach.
Contact adam@rockmyrun.com for more info!

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Join Our Team

Want to come rock with us? We're always
interested in great players to join our team
as we expand. Please send a letter of interest
and resume to jobs@rockmyrun.com.